Fireproofing Inspection Services

Are you looking for Independent Third-Party Fireproofing Inspection Services?

The protection of life plays an important role in the design of buildings and industrial structures in today’s modern construction. Spray-applied fireproofing systems and intumescent coatings provide a cost-effective approach to meet the hourly ratings of exposed structural steel required by local building codes.

Verification of Quality during surface preparation and spray-applied fireproofing systems and intumescent coatings is highly desirable to achieve the desired hourly ratings for fire protection.  QA inspections provide verification that the contractor’s QC practices are adequate to achieve the desired final product according to the painting specification.

KTA's Fireproofing Inspection Services Offer the following:

  • Contract Administration Support Services
  • QA Fireproofing Inspection Services for Public/Private Facility Owners, Material Testing
  • QC Fireproofing Inspection Services for Commercial Construction, Contractors/Applicators
  • Highly Trained Fireproofing Inspection Support Services
  • Pool of Independent ICC Certified Spray-Applied Fireproofing Special Inspectors
  • New York City Building Code (NYCBC) 1704.25 – Structural Tests and Special Inspections Category for
  • Firestop, Draftstop, and Fireblock Systems
  • State-of-the-Art Paperless Documentation
  • Nation-Wide Presence, International Coverage

Why Use KTA for Fireproofing Inspections?

KTA’s founder, Kenneth Tator, conceived and developed the process of independent paint inspection in 1961 that is now an internationally recognized and valued construction practice. Since it’s inception, KTA has provided a broad range of in-process inspection services to verify that surface preparation, coating system, and lining application are performed in accordance with specifications.

KTA is recognized as an industry leader in independent coatings technology and inspection services. We were the first to be certified under SSPC-QP 5 “Standard Procedure for Evaluating the Qualifications of Coatings and Lining Inspection Companies” and have maintained this certification in good standing ever since. KTA’s unparalleled paint inspection experience includes work on all types of structural steel, tanks, ships, bridges, sports stadiums, pipelines, oil fields, chemical plants, and nuclear facilities, as well as commercial properties and buildings.

Because of our in-house orientation and on-going mentoring programs, KTA has the largest pool of independent SSPC-QP 5 and NACE certified field staff in the industry. KTA technicians and specialists have extensive experience in both fabrication shops and the field. Most importantly, they have access to KTA’s industry-leading coatings laboratory and consulting professionals. This single-source, full-service technical support of field staff is unique in the coatings industry and can help to solve customer problems.

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