Contractor Training

Contractor Training

Typical services: paint inspection, safety program development, QP-5 services, safety training, coating inspector training, paint laboratory testing.

Contractors are challenged with stringent specification, certification, training, and environmental, health and safety (EH&S) requirements. Professional associations like SSPC and NACE, as well as regulatory agencies like OSHA and EPA, constantly establish new benchmarks for acceptable performance. Contractors must be well educated on industry standards, have properly trained personnel, and may need to be certified to industry standards like SSPC QP-1 and QP-2. And specifications often require Contractors to utilize independent, certified (SSPC QP-5) firms to support their quality control efforts.

KTA’s staff of certified industrial hygienists/safety professionals, certified coatings inspectors, chemists and coating consultants, offers broad expertise for Contractors. This expertise includes independent coating application inspection, safety and health program evaluation/development, coatings and safety training, worker and environmental monitoring, laboratory testing, and EH&S support services. KTA also distributes a complete line of coatings inspection and environmental/worker monitoring equipment.

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