Contract Administration Support Services

Are you Looking for Contract Administration Support During Pre-Construction and Construction Phases of Your Next Project?

KTA’s nationwide staff provides contract administration support services during pre-construction and construction phases of a project to provide Owners with a greater degree of confidence that the contractor’s work will conform to the specification and achieve the desired goals for the project.

KTA’s Pre-Award/Pre-Construction Phase Contract Administration Support Services Include:

  • Assisting Owners with Evaluating Potential Contractors’ Technical Capability
  • Certifications
  • Experience
  • Worker Health and Safety Programs
  • Environmental Compliance Programs
  • Waste Management Programs
  • Corporate Quality Assurance/Quality Control Programs
  • Containment Design/Ventilation Submittals
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Why Use KTA On Your Next Project?

KTA is also available to help establish a candidate contractor list, review pre-qualification submittals and comment on candidates’ conformance with the criteria outlined in the pre-qualification package. KTA can assist during pre-bid meetings by preparing an agenda, documenting attendance, presenting the project performance goals, answering questions about the technical specification(s), preparing minutes, and preparing a written response to follow up questions.  KTA also assists during the bid review and contractor selection process by reviewing the submittals required in the specification (e.g., contractor QC plan), checking for general conformance with information provided and performance criteria outlined in the technical specification.

KTA’s Contract Administration Support Services Answers The Questions:

  • Are progress meetings being conducted in a thorough manner?
  • What are the ambient air/environmental monitoring results?
  • Are the contractor in-process QC reports being done?
  • Is work being performed by the contractor in a manner indicating that when completed the work will conform to the requirements of the specification(s)?
For more information on the KTA’s Contract Administration Support Services,  please watch our video below!