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Commercial Property

Commercial Property

Typical services: paint condition assessments, painting recommendations, maintenance planning, paint specifications, on-site coating inspection, paint laboratory testing, indoor air quality evaluations.

Commercial property owners are challenged with numerous structural and corrosion issues. Substrates vary widely and can include aluminum, steel, concrete, masonry, wood, building facades and other synthetics. Problems include failing paints, gloss retention, weld quality, moisture protection, waterproofing and others, all confronted while attempting to preserve building aesthetics. Environmental concerns (that often result in public complaints/illness) like mold, moisture in concrete, and indoor air quality can also complicate commercial building design, renovation, operation and maintenance. Click here for a summary of KTA Commercial service offerings.

KTA offers a staff of certified protective coatings specialists, professional engineers, coatings and environmental consultants, certified industrial hygienists and safety professionals, chemists, and certified coatings and steel inspectors to meet this wide range of project needs. Our nationwide services include condition assessments, specification preparation, contract administration, and coatings and steel inspection. KTA also provides indoor air quality surveys. While properly specified and installed systems protect owner assets, when coating systems do fail, our coating consultants initiate coating failure investigations, supported by specialized forensic testing by our A2LA accredited laboratory, to provide a full range of expert services.

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