Coating Failure Investigations

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All coatings fail… eventually. Coatings that fail long before their intended service life has expired are commonly known as premature coating failures. When a coating fails prematurely the cause may remain a mystery and the re-application may also fail unless a thorough investigation is undertaken.

About KTA's Coating Failure Investigation Service:

Coating Failure InvestigationsKTA has unmatched depth and breadth of expertise in determining the causes of coating failures. We are not advocates for the owner, coating manufacturer or contractor. We are not attorneys. We are independent experts that have amassed hundreds of years of experience solving even the most complex failures. Our depth of knowledge across many industries, service environments and coating systems, and our in-house forensic staff and capabilities (that work hand-in-hand with our investigators) have enabled us to resolve thousands of coating failures over the past half century. Our Coatings Consultants and forensic analysts not only hold degrees in engineering and chemistry but have achieved and maintain industry certifications including SSPC Protective Coating Specialist. And even more important is that none of our failure analysts are on an “island.” Our consultants and analysts frequently tap into the wealth of knowledge we have in-house, in order to provide our clients with the clearest picture of what caused the failure, how it can be repaired and most importantly how coatings problems can be prevented in the future.

KTA’s Coating Failure Investigation Services Will Help Answer the Following:

  • What was supposed to happen and what actually happened?
  • What caused the coating failure to occur?
  • What party is at fault?
  • What can be done to remediate the failure?
  • How can a repeat failure be prevented?

Why Use KTA to Investigate Your Coating Failure?

We recognize that in many cases coating failures result in litigation. Our consultants and failure analysts have extensive experience in litigation support services including expert witness. We are frequently sought after by firms that litigate construction cases because of our reputation of being independent experts in the industrial/commercial coatings markets.

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