Coating Failure Analysis, Specifications, and Expert Witness

The analysis of coating failures is a key step in determining whether there are problems with the building enclosure, the coatings specified for use, and/or the quality of installation. A professional analysis empowers building owners with knowledge of the exact cause of failure and enables the owner to implement a permanent fix on other assets with similar exposure. KTA Coating Consultants are Professional Engineers, degreed Chemists, and/or hold certifications through SSPC or NACE. All are experts in coating materials selection, field evaluations and failure analysis.

KTA failure analysis typically begins with discussions with the owner to understand the nature of the problem. KTA conducts document and specification review to obtain maintenance history. The Coating Consultants conduct site visits to analyze problems, with the field examinations supported by in-house laboratory forensic analysis of samples. KTA professionals provide comprehensive reports that identify the cause of problems and provide repair recommendations. KTA consultants develop detailed specifications, including coating material selection, for both new construction and maintenance painting. Lastly, KTA professionals are able to serve as expert witness in litigation.

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