Coating Condition Surveys

Coatings play a critical role in maintaining image, enhancing the brand, and protecting assets from deterioration. Predicting future maintenance needs requires the services of a coating professional. Commercial buildings contain a variety of substrates such as painted and integral colored CMU (concrete masonry unit), pre-cast concrete, EIFS (exterior insulation and finish system), structural steel, and architectural metal. KTA’s experienced staff identifies deficiencies in these substrates and provides coating assessments for each. KTA condition surveys identify the condition of existing coatings and prioritize future painting needs based on aesthetics and substrate deterioration. With KTA’s coating condition surveys recommendations, clients utilize maintenance budgets on the assets that actually need attention, rather than arbitrarily scheduling painting needs based on age.

KTA NACE certified coating professionals, armed with the most advanced tools in the industry, develop accurate, dependable and comprehensive painting recommendations. The survey data is entered into a proprietary Coating Assessment and Painting Priority (CAPP™) expert system that predicts long-term performance based on existing conditions and pre-programmed coating deterioration curves, and prioritizes maintenance painting needs in specified years over 5 and 10 year periods. The CAPP™ System also provides opinions of probable cost for the painting recommendations in order to maximize maintenance painting budgets.

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