Air and Vapor Barrier Design Services

Are you looking for building envelope design to maximize the paint performance of your commercial building?

In addition to coating system design, paint performance on commercial buildings depends on review and proper design of the building envelope. Wall construction requires proper review and design to allow for air and vapor movement and makes the interior and exterior coatings a critical part of the wall section. The direction of air and vapor movement must be recognized during the design to prevent failures in the coating system. KTA provides thermograph scans to identify thermal bridges and air leakage locations. Smoke tests are also used in pressurized buildings to identify air leakage locations, and air-tightness is also evaluated using air leakage equipment

KTA's Air and Vapor Barrier Design Service provides:

  • Thermographic Scans
  • Smoke Tests
  • Blower Door Testing
  • Air Leakage Evaluation
  • Review and Design of Wall Construction for Coating Application
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Why Use KTA On Your Next Project?

With its professional expertise, KTA assists clients to determine the correct processes and testing to establish air and vapor barriers. We need more content for this section.

Our Air and Vapor Design Service Answers The Questions:

  • What air barrier requirements do we need to meet?
  • When does our air barrier need repaired?
  • Does our design meet the proper requirements?
  • How do we prove our barrier meets the standard?
For more information on the KTA’s Air and Vapor Barrier Design Services please watch our video below!